Suhani Gulati

Suhani Gulati

Suhani is a Junior at Enloe High School. Suhani is associated with various organizations

TechGirlz (

Jobs for Life (
Kramden Institute (
TLC (Teen Leadership Corps)
TYO (Triangle Youth Orchestra)
The Food Bank of North Carolina (

NJHS (National Junior Honor Society)

Rainbow in my Brush”, my small humble business, helped someone get food on their table. It helped support trainings for and helped unemployed/under employed people get trainings that help them find jobs.
-At the senior living center, the strings of my viola (instrument) created music that helped seniors in wheel chairs, on oxygen cylinders, and on crutches, shake their heads to the rhythm with a smile. It also made sure that the seniors that I committed to, have Sunday mornings filled with music and their hearts filled with warmth. I know they waited for our music (ask the seniors at Abbotswood at Stonehenge, Creedmoor Road) 🙂
-Volunteering at SGNC (Sikh Gurudwara of North Carolina) helps to keep the values of Sikhism alive (Naam Japna: to remember God, Kirat Karna: to work hard, and Vand Chakna: to share to fruits of one’s labor with others.

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