Hum Sub Diwali

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is India’s most-loved festival.  It falls in the month of October and brings together people of not just the Hindu faith but of all faiths to celebrate the simple idea that good always triumphs over evil.

While it is a festival that means different things to different people- from the mythical slaying of the demon Narkasura by Lord Krishna and the end of the exile of the Pandava princes to the return to the kingdom of Ayodhya by the God-king Rama, after defeating his wife’s abductor, the evil Ravana-this festival binds people in marking new beginnings. It is a time when all is forgiven and forgotten, a time to spruce up homes in a symbolic cleansing of negativity, and a time to don new clothes to represent a shedding of old ways and thoughts. To celebrate Diwali is to retain that last vestige of Indian-ness, wherever one lives on this planet.

Thus, it was only natural that the Triangle’s Indian community would come together under the Hum Sub banner for a Diwali fest. Our first Cary Diwali was held year 2000 at the Herb C Young Community Center and attracted a record crowd of over 2500 people. Both the Town of Cary and Hum Sub realized they would need a bigger venue to host this and the new KokaBooth Amphitheatre seemed like a good fit. Cary Diwali has come a long way since, growing in both in quality and popularity. It is now the biggest event of its kind in the southeast, routinely attracting crowds of 14,000 plus people.

The day-long event features Bollywood-inspired dances put up by the many talented youngsters and dance schools of the Triangle. The Cary Diwali stage is a much sought-great after performing stage and  great effort is put in by our performers to make the cut in the increasingly competitive auditions. The dazzling performances and dramatic costumes are as much a tribute to our reputed dance schools as to the many young and creative teen choreographers who only seem to be raising the bar every year.

The evening headline performer is always a highlight of Cary Diwali, where we present performers from India and other countries. Some examples include the well-known singer Kavita Krishnamurthy, Alisha China, Ila Arun to name a fewThe “Who is it going to be this time” buzz generates much excitement in the community in the months leading up to October!

No Diwali event can be complete without Diwali shopping and Cary Diwali makes sure this happens by offering a platform for numerous businesses to present their wares, such as ethnic clothing, personal and home accessories, and exotic handicrafts, to hordes of eager shoppers. No Indian event can be complete without food, and this is taken care of by some of the area’s most popular restaurants who try to bring something new every year, while also offering all the old favorites, to hordes of hungry visitors.

In recent years, an exhibition tent that showcases some carefully chosen aspect of Indian culture through artifacts, photographs, displays, and interactive elements, has been attracting much interest.  Our exhibitions on various Indian dimensions have both entertained and informed and led to interesting conversations and interactions with our diverse audience.

The day’s grand finale is a dazzling display of fireworks, which is eagerly  anticipated by both the young and young-at-heart.

Hum Sub makes special accommodation for senior citizens and others with specific needs to make it possible for everyone to partake of the fun!

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