Hum Sub is an organization of volunteers. We rely entirely on community support to make our programs and events possible. A dedicated team of volunteers constitutes the Board of Directors (BOD) of Hum Sub. In addition to the board, there are scores of volunteers who help out with one or more tasks of planning and execution of Hum Sub’s events and activities. Our success has been primarily due to the labor of love of volunteers from communities like yours.
Join us as a volunteer and you will have the opportunity to have great fun while participating in a culturally rich experience.

In addition to enjoying exciting networking opportunities, Hum Sub volunteers gain a great sense of accomplishment via community involvement. Volunteers help out in planning every aspect of our events, including:

  • Brainstorming for ideas – deciding on the theme and look of our cultural events
  • Working with the Town of Cary and our highly motivated team members
  • Meeting with local sponsors and arranging for sponsorships
  • Encouraging local talent to participate in our activities
  • Planning and coordinating dances and performances
  • Participating in our performances!!
  • Designing and maintaining our website
  • Helping out on the day of the event… every single contribution no matter how big or small helps to make our events successful!
The 2022 Board Of Directors of Hum Sub Inc

We are proud to introduce you to the current Board of Directors (BOD) at Hum Sub Inc.,

The 2022 Board Of Advisors of Hum Sub Inc

We are proud to introduce you to the current Board of Advisors (BOA) at Hum Sub Inc.,