Indian Culture Learning Series

Indian Culture Learning Series, in collaboration with the Town of Cary, gets underway in the weeks leading up to Hum Sub Diwali.  This  was first introduced back in 2016.

Over four consecutive Saturdays, volunteers from within Hum Sub team and outside team up and present one aspect of Indian culture, using an interactive format, to engage an interested audience. We have successfully held this two-hour afternoon event on Indian weaving traditions and textile crafts, Spices, Religions, Music and dance, Decorative arts, Ayurveda and Yoga thus far.

The interest generated at these talks / demos spilled over into attendance from a more diverse audience at Hum Sub Diwali, in general, and at the exhibition both, in particular.  Feedback, particularly from our grantors have been very encouraging.  They view it as an informative build-up event to our flagship festival.

Date and Venue: Sep-Oct, Cary Arts Center
Collaborator/s: Town of Cary, Community volunteers

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