Shreya Nadendla

Shreya Nadendla is a Junior at Enloe High School.

Shreya is passionate about Law, educational disparity, and service.

Shreya is associated with

Mock Trial and Science National Honor Society

Enloe Hosa, ECLA and Key club

NC teen court and girl scouts.

Shreya is currently working with the North Carolina Department of Education to share her research and examine the impacts on education for children attending school in a food-desert/food-insecure area. Shreya believes that her work with the Department of Education can benefit the community by implementing programs to help kids who do not have access to nutritious or adequate sources of food and hopes that her efforts show education officials how students are disadvantaged by food insecurity. These impacts are ones that she feels very passionate about because Shreya believes that education is the cure to help low-income individuals break out of the cycle of poverty.

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