Namaste, my name is Sanika Joshi, I am a sophomore at Panther Creek High School. I enjoy dancing and have been doing Indian classical dance called Kathak for around 8-9 years. I also have an interest in theater and I am currently working on projects for that. I have performed for Hum Sub events in the past from where my family came to know of this organization. My parents volunteered for Hum Sub and joined the team in 2015. I started helping in Hum Sub events with my parents since then in various areas such as setting up, demonstration of musical piece, and assisting Samskritam Bharati with the speaking and writing part at Cary Diwali’s Exhibition booth, as well as distribution of event flyers. What I really like about Humsub is how they bring our culture to life and keep it alive even in this new place, where staying together as an Indian community and staying true to our roots is very important. I have also been Emceed in Cary Diwali event for the past two years, which has provided me great experience and has helped me develop better social skills. I also volunteer at several other organization such as HSS, SEWA, Ekal Vidya, and school activities. I have participated in activities such as park clean ups, food drives, COVID assistance and donation, laptop donation to Kramden institute, international yoga day, and have helped special need children in school. I was an Aum School counselor for one year. I have also helped craft curriculum and teach Sanskrit to younger kids. All these experiences have helped me gain leadership as well as time management skills. I am very excited to be part of the Youth Ambassador team, working with others and will try to bring the best I have to this team.

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