Hum Sub Website Redesign

It gives me great pleasure to announce the inauguration of the revamped version of our front-facing part of our website.  Overall, the website project started in earnest in Jan 2021 when I had a  certain vision in mind.  I started off with the goals of making it easier for our users to transact with Hum Sub, to ensure our mission and story as a leading non-profit organization clearly comes through, offer a faster, stable and a delightful user experience to our patrons including an easy payment integration just to name a few.  Suffice to say, it has been a labor of love for the last two years.  We started off working on the backend i.e. portal involving vendor, cultural and volunteer workflows.  These were introduced into production in Hum Sub Diwali 2022.  

The work on the front-facing part of the website started last fall and we are now ready to cut over in time for Basant Bahar 2023.  Of course, the improvements will continue on an ongoing basis based on the Hum Sub team and the audience’s feedback.  I would like to sincerely thank the following individuals for their tireless commitment and contributions. 

  • Aravind Narayanan
  • Kaajal Nanavati
  • Amardeep Bajaj
  • Rajesh Gollapudi
  • Narendra Kalyankar
  • Usha Sankar 

 It’d be remiss not to mention Prakash Punj and Sam IT Solutions who helped with the former website design and maintenance until now.

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