Basant Bahar



Every spring, Cary Arts Center in downtown Cary comes alive to the sounds and rhythms of India’s musical and classical dance forms. This is our signature Basant Bahar event, held in the month of March.

Unlike Cary Diwali, our autumn event, Basant Bahar is aimed at encouraging the showcasing of our classical traditions in music and dance. Past editions have had Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, and Bharatanatyam dances, percussion instruments such as the table, dhol, and mridangam, and string and wind instruments such as the veena, violin, and flute. We also present dance-dramas based on stories from Indian mythology, which are rich in symbolic meaning and peppered with life lessons.

Indian classical dances are highly stylized and takes years of practice to perfect. By providing a platform for these performances, we hope to keep alive India’s rich cultural heritage and help young Indian-Americans connect to their roots while embracing, and immersing themselves in, the culture of their adopted country.



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