Akshar Srivats

Akshar is a 11th grader in Enloe High School.

Akshar is associated with

Hitchhikers Robotics
Cary Teen Council
Kramden Institute
Key Club International

As part of the leadership team for the Hitchhikers Robotics Group, Akshar organized many community outreach events and demonstrations to help introduce kids to robotics and STEM. He organized one of the groups largest ever events with the Duke Autism Clinic in downtown Durham. This event left a deep impact as he was amazed to see how children with varying degrees of ADHD or Autism enjoyed learning and interacting with the robots. Often, we write off children with these conditions and limit our expectations, however that day he realized that we need to allow more opportunities for children like them as they are some of the most passionate individuals. Dozens of kids attended the event that day and many of them signed up to join STEM courses or join the robotics team afterwards.

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