Basant Bahar 2023

Cary Arts Center 101 Dry Ave, Cary, United States

Basant Bahar 2023  Booklet:  

Apex EarthFest 2023

Apex Town Campus 73 Hunter Street, Apex, North Carolina

Lazy Daze

316 N Academy St, Cary, NC 316 N Academy St, Cary, North Carolina

Basant Bahar 2024

Cary Arts Center 101 Dry Ave, Cary, United States

Theme: NAMAN - Embracing Heritage, Inspiring Futures Join us for Basant Bahar 2024, presented by Hum Sub. We invite you to reflect on your journeyof self-discovery through Naman. Just as the seasons transform, we too evolve with everyexperience, melody, and step. Basant Bahar encourages you to present your unique perspectiveand interpretation of the theme through …

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Holi 2024

Apex Nature Park 2600 Evans Rd, Apex

Holi is an Indian festival of colors celebrated in spring time. It heralds the arrival of spring following the winter season.  People play with colored powder, apply it to each other and is a true display of gender equality across socio-economic backgrounds.  Holi brings people together to strengthen the secular fabric.  It is a way …

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