Q. When does the vendor application for Cary Diwali open?

A. Vendor application for Cary Diwali opens on June 1st and are available until August 20th. However, historically all booths are reserved within 15-30 days of opening, therefore, all vendors are requested to make sure they go through the formalities and get their booths reserved quickly.

Q. What type of vendor booths are available?

A. Booths are available in the open grass area (mainly for sponsors) and the Crescent (shaded) area. There are mainly two types of booths, Regular and Premium, which are available in the Crescent area. Booths in the open grass area are limited and have a higher price.

Q. Would my booth be considered reserved just by filling out the application online?

A. No, filling the application online does not reserve your spot. Booth will only be assigned after HumSub has received all the needed paperwork that includes check for the booth that includes amount for booth reservation + amount for any electrical outlet needed AND a separate check that is not en-cashed until needed and will be shredded (or returned) if the booth is not damaged.

 Q. When can I start booth setup?

A. It is advised that you come a day before (between 12 – 5 pm on Friday) to start your booth setup so that you are fresh on the day of the event.

 Q. What time gates open on the day of event?

A. Gates open for public at 10 am on the day of event.

Q. How/Where do I Load/Unload my items?

A. Before unloading the items please sign-in with the Vendor Committee. After that, use the VIP parking area to unload the items and then park your vehicle in the regular allotted parking.

 Q. What is the check-out time?

A. Check-out time is 9 pm on the day of event. Town of Cary will shut off all lights after that so to avoid any inconvenience please make sure the booths are cleared before 9 pm.

 Q. Am I allowed to use my own bulbs/lights for my booth?

A. Yes, you are allowed to use your own light but Town of Cary only allows LED or CFL bulbs. Therefore, please make sure to get the specific bulbs. Also, make sure to pay for each power outlet you are going to use ($25 per outlet).