Cary Diwali is the largest event of its kind in the Southeast of US with the attendance of more than 15000 people during the course of the day. There are more than 1000 performers with ages between 7 and 70 participating in cultural events.
Hum Sub and Cary Diwali has been a bench mark for cultural organizations and events respectively, hence most sought after event of the year. Cary Diwali is a wonderful platform that offers our sponsors access to a diverse demography in terms of age group and ethnicity among the local community. Our strong sponsor base includes major corporations, banks, real estate companies and variety of other local businesses. Our sponsors can benefit from Cary Diwali as well as other event(s) organized by Hum Sub during the year to publicize their businesses.
Sponsorship packet (link will be active in May/June)
Advertisement rates for Cary Diwali 2018
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