Hum Sub Diwali (previously Cary Diwali) is the largest free-to-attend event in the Southeastern United States boasting an attendance of 15,000 people (pre-Covid) during the course of the day. There are more than 1000+ performers of different age groups participating in our cultural events.
Hum Sub and its events have been standard bearers for other cultural organizations in the area. Hum Sub Diwali is a sought-after platform that offers our sponsors access to a diverse populace in terms of age groups and ethnicities in the local community.  It is a great opportunity to create a brand impression amongst the well-to-do attendees besides showing that your business likes to connect with social causes and give back to the community.  Our strong sponsor base includes major corporations, banks, real estate companies and a variety of other local businesses.  Sponsors’ businesses can benefit from their presence at Hum Sub Diwali as well as other events organized by Hum Sub during the year.
Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Please reach out to:
Phone: 919–371–4470 >> Option 2, Sub-option 4