Link to PPE Campaign:

Link to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Campaign:

As the community suffers from the impact of the pandemic, Hum Sub has decided to help those who are in need. To that end, we launched a successful campaign in May 2020, raising $5000 to provide meals to frontline healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.

Our communities need more help than ever before, and Hum Sub is answering the call by launching 2 new campaigns to help those in need.

  1. We are raising funds to provide people in need PPEs to help keep them safe and healthy.  Hum Sub has already pledged $2500 towards this effort and we urge you to meet or exceed this amount by donating as soon as possible and help us meet our $5000 goal. More details about that campaign can be found here:
  2. We are partnering with the Inter-faith Food Shuttle to raise money to end hunger in our community.  As always, all of the money raised through this effort will be directed entirely to the Inter-faith food shuttle, and we also pledge to match the first $2500 raised through this campaign.
    The link to the campaign is here:

We urge you to support us in both of these campaigns to help those around us in need of PPEs and food.  Your donation will be entirely tax deductible and will go a long way towards keeping our communities healthy and safe.

More pictures will be posted as and when they are available.