The cultural committee is the soul of Hum Sub. Hum Sub takes pride in the flawless execution of our cultural programs over the years. The job of the cultural committee is to coordinate with choreographers / coordinators and performers in the area and organize auditions, rehearsals and execute on the day of the event.


  • Hum Sub Diwali (Second Saturday in October)
    • May – Registration application open
    • June/July – Entry Detail Application opens
    • Auditions – Late August
    • Rehearsals – A day before Hum Sub Diwali
  • Basant Bahar (mid-March)
    • Dec of the previous year – Registration applications open
    • Auditions – In Feb
    • Rehearsals –A day before the event
How to apply:
Everyone must register at, if not already done.  Submit your cultural application following our step-by-step guidance.
Frequently asked questions: FAQ (Please read)
Phone: 919–371–4470 , Option 2, sub-option 1