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Aasha - A New Hope

Hum Sub presents Aasha - A New Hope, the virtual edition of Basant Bahar 2021. Despite the lows of 2020, it also brought positive changes into our lives by giving us the opportunity to spend quality time with our families and get to know each other more than ever. It also pushed us out of our comfort zones to try new things which we would not have thought of for years to come, like working virtually instead of in person not just for regular 9-5 jobs but also schools, colleges, doctors and many more. All this gave us a strong sense of hope that no matter what, if we all work together, we can get out of any adversity. 

Basant Bahar has continued to serve the interests of Indian classical music and contribute respectfully to the preservation and progress of this great cultural heritage. This year, we have a program to continue our mission to share India’s cultural heritage with the community of the Triangle. The program will feature a combination of folk, classical dances and vocal music from some of the area's best-known schools of music and dance. And what better time to delight one’s senses with these outstanding presentations than spring, a time of awakening and new beginnings.

Event Date: Sunday, March 28, 2021.

Event Start time: 4 PM.

Stay tuned for the streaming details.

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